Ignite Raleigh, tonight

We are going, are you?


According to the website:

“Ignite events were originally conceived as technology variety shows, but they have grown into much more than that. Ignite is about ideas. Ideas can change the world. And it takes less than five minutes to spread one.

Each presenter gets five minutes on stage with 20 slides that rotate automatically after 15 seconds Around the world communities have been coming together to share their ideas.”

We are looking forward to Ignite Raleigh tonight as we watch all the presentations and are ready to be inspired and enlightened.

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I’m an expert!!! Really?

Anyone can claim to be an expert on any one topic, subject, art, craft, or field of study, especially, with the use of social media platforms. People can claim a title or expertise as an essential label in their profile, and yet you may or may not have evidence to the contrary. For example, many people are claiming to be social media marketing experts, but how does a company or business owner know otherwise? Well, here are a few questions the expert should be able to answer and some guidance if their answers don’t match-up with a true expert’s:

“1. How do you determine which channels and platforms we should be playing on?

If you’re producing quality content, you need it to reach and engage the right audience. Just tossing it onto the “it” channel du jour doesn’t mean you’re maximizing its potential.

2. How do you determine where we should have a presence in the future?

The logical follow-up to question one. Things change quickly and frequently in the online world. MySpace yesterday is Facebook today. What’s the plan for tomorrow and the next day?

3. How will you apportion our budget across these channels?

Different channels, different needs. Each channel or platform requires more or less spend, financial and human. What’s their budgetary plan for you?

4. What’s your approach to distributing content to a variety of audiences?

If all they know is Facebook and Twitter, they’re not doing their homework or exploring new channels; nor are they addressing your unique needs or the value of niche audiences.

5. How frequently should we publish?

If the answer is anything less than very frequently, move on. The life span of content, no matter how engaging, is brief. To stay relevant, content should be perpetually produced.

The takeaway

Ask these questions and you may get some surprising answers — or blank stares. But the answers will give you the necessary insight to judge any social media strategy. You’ll learn whether your local neighborhood ‘expert’ recognizes the long-term strategic goals your company should be developing in 2010.”

Also, check out question #6 provided by the comments at the bottom of the blog post, where in our opinion it is a perfect additional question from Andrew Davis.

“How have you used your strategy to execute successful, long term relationships with a well-defined audience?”

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Friend Request DENIED! Marines sending mixed messages about social media

The Associated Press is reporting today that The Pentagon is clamping down on access to social media sites through their computers.  We’re all for national security but it does strike us as odd when there are dozens of official social media sites related to the armed forces. Marine Facebook

Story below.
The Pentagon is reviewing the use of Facebook and other social networking sites on its computers with an eye toward setting rules on how to protect against possible security risks.

The Marine Corps on Monday issued an administrative directive saying it was banning the use of Marine network for accessing such sites as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The order doesn’t affect Marines’ private use of such networks on personal computers outside of their jobs.

However, the service’s computer network already effectively blocks users from reaching social networks, officials said. Marine officials said part of the reason for the new ban was to set up a special waiver system that govern access for Marines who need to reach the sites as part of their duties.

Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn, meanwhile, ordered a review of both the threats and benefits of using emerging Internet capabilities, which the military has widely used for recruiting, public relations and sharing information with allies and military families, officials said Tuesday.

Lynn noted that the sites and other Web 2.0 capabilities “have rapidly emerged as integral tools in day-to-day operations across” the department. (more…)

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Social Media Changing Corp. Culture, today on APM’s Marketplace

MarketplaceSocial networking isn’t just for socializing anymore. Companies like Ford, Southwest Airlines and Pepsi are getting serious about Twitter and Facebook and other sites. And they’re changing corporate culture to do it. Marketplace’s Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

STACEY VANEK-SMITH: As companies slash advertising budgets and staff, they are beefing up their presence in another area.

SCOTT MONTY: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Delicious, Scribd, Upcoming…

Scott Monty is the multimedia communications manager for Ford motor Company. He manages Ford’s presence on social networking sites. He says this is a whole different way for companies and customers to communicate.  (more…)

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Dentyne Social Media Commercial: “Friend Request Accepted”

60 connections per pack…

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Achtung Durham! – U2 Conference, like love, comes to town.

Durham, NC has the U-nique distinction of being the home of the first ever academic conference on U2. Huh? Yes, it’s called “U2: The Hype and The Feedback Conference” and will bring in scholars, teachers…and the intellectually curious. I’ve gone from curious to skeptical and back to curious again with over 40 accepted papers and presenters on the various topics like “Deconstruction by Stratification: Vocal Layering as Commentary, Criticism, and Reinvention in the Music of U2” and “The Ground Beneath Her Feet’: U2, Salman Rushdie, and the Political Frontiers of Artistic Collaboration”. Say again???

As strange as this initially seems to me I’m still glad they’re coming to Durham and hope I run into a group of attendees at a coffee shop where I can overhear some of the conversations. It’s no coincidence I’m sure that U2 is in concert in Raleigh the same weekend. Perhaps Bono or The Edge will make a surprise appearance at NCCU?

Picture 18

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Shatner Reads Palin’s Tweets

William Shatner reads Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin’s tweets as poetry.Check it out…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about " Shatner Reads Palin’s Tweets", posted with vodpod

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